Acupuncture Can Turn A Baby In Breech

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine is highly effective in caring for both mother and baby during pregnancy. Since the late nineties there has been evidence to suggest that your breech baby can be turned to its optimal position for birth using moxibustion, a Chinese medicine technique.

It’s done by using moxa stick to warm the acupuncture point at the end of your little toe, the last point on your Bladder meridian! Read More…

Acupuncture Chester

Acupuncture in Chester


Acupuncture is becoming more and more popular as an effective treatment for a wide range of ailments, and is also more accepted as an effective treatment by orthodox health practitioners. Acupuncture has an extraordinary ability to transform peoples’ lives by relieving suffering and disharmony in the body, the emotions and the mind.

Acupuncture in Chester is gaining popularity and indeed worldwide.  With positive press coming out every day about the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the questions is “Why haven’t you tried acupuncture yet?” If you’ve been considering acupuncture and are in the Chester area, here are 10 reasons to get off the fence and find what’s in it for you:


  • Great results without negative side effects – Unlike drugs and surgical procedures, acupuncture does not have disturbing side effects –In my experience, feeling great is the most commonly reported side effect and has been proven to work for back pain, arthritis and pain reduction.
  • Treatment according to your individual needs – No two people are alike. Thus, you will never be treated as just another case of “X” syndrome. Just because two people experience the same symptom, does not mean that the root cause is the same. The bonus of this kind of treatment is that other challenging symptoms or imbalances within the body will often improve as you develop greater vitality and thriving health.
  • Acupuncture practitioners will spend time with you – Most acupuncturists spend anywhere from an hour to two hours in the initial consultation and treatments may be 45 minutes to an hour long. This allows acupuncturists to deliver highly personalised patient centered care. You will not feel rushed to try and explain your concerns in a quick sound bite.

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  • Finding out it’s not “all in your head” – Many people come in with odd constellations of symptoms that don’t make sense in terms of Western diagnosis. Sometimes they’ve been told that nothing can be done with conventional medicine or that the issue must be “all in your head because we can’t find anything on a blood test, MRI, x-ray, CAT scan etc.” Acupuncture often effectively treats syndromes or symptoms that don’t have a clear explanation or treatment protocol with conventional medicine.
  • You don’t have to be sick to come in for treatment –Acupuncture is powerful preventative medicine, so you don’t have to wait for something to go wrong to receive benefits. Acupuncture is best utilized as part of a person’s overall commitment to health and well-being and is most effective when combined with solid nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep and rest
  • Acupuncture is just as effective at treating emotional issues like depression as it is at treating physical symptoms like chronic pain. In other words, we see great results treating the person who limps into our office with radiating back pain, and the person who walks in saying, “there’s nothing physically wrong with me, I’m just really stressed out and perpetually unhappy all the time,” also has great results from treatment.
  • Treatment is fun – We spend a lot of time laughing with our patients. Laughter is definitely one of the best medicines to lift the spirit and mobilize the well documented health benefits of being positive. Life sometimes comes with profoundly difficult challenges. But the fact remains that none of us are getting out of it alive. Why not be a little light-hearted and share some good laughs along the way?
  • Regular acupuncture treatment helps keep you healthy so you are less likely to need conventional medicine as often most acupuncture patients report that they feel a greater sense of well-being, get sick less often and are less affected by life’s stressors than they were prior to beginning treatment.
  • It reduces nausea and vomiting, such as post-surgery, post radiation, medication-induced, or from conditions such as dyspepsia or irritable bowel syndrome
  • One third of the world’s population uses acupuncture as their primary form of health care – Not that we’re recommending that you do something merely because it’s hugely popular, but since roughly 2 Billion people on the planet depend on acupuncture and Chinese medicine to keep them healthy, there might be a good reason for you to consider it too!


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What does your back say about your health

Back Pain 

Back pain is common and affects most people at some point in their life. It usually feels like an ache, tension or stiffness in your back.  The pain can be triggered by sitting badly, bending or sitting awkwardly, or lifting incorrectly.

You may have heard the saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” There is another saying in the world of acupuncture, “your spine is the window to your health.” How can the condition of your spine divulge so much information about overall health? Your spine is the central support column of your body and its primary role is to protect your spinal cord. Read More…

Acupuncture and Migraines

Acupuncture management for a migraine

Migraine is one of the most common forms of a disabling headache. It affects around 12% of the general population and accounts for 15% of primary headaches. It is a chronic recurrent disorder with intense, episodic, unilateral throbbing headache affecting the temple, forehead, or eye and may spread to the whole head. It is worsened by movements and daily activities, last from 4-72 hours and is associated with nauseas, vomiting, photo-sensitivity, and phono-sensitvity.

Epidemiological studies have documented the high prevalence, socio-economic, and personal impact of migraine which is now ranked as number 19 among all diseases world wide causing disability according to the world health organisation.

Western medicine on migraines

The pathway of pain in migraine is not completely understood although 3 major theories are postulated Read More…

Treating Ankle Sprains and Strains

What is a Sprain/Strain?

Sinew injuries are not only the most common type of sports injury, they also plague many of us who don’t play sports but perform repetitive tasks like typing at the computer or gardening. Sinews are the complex connections of soft tissue that surround the joints. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments encased in fibrous connective tissue hold the joints together. When a joint is subjected to the types of stresses imposed upon it by sports activities, these tissues bear the brunt of the strain.

When sprains occur some degree of subluxation (joint movement) can result. Overall failure of ligaments and tendons is usually sudden and is preceded by the micro failure of attachments between the collagen fibres within the tissue and loss of ability of the ligament to recover its length. Treatment of subluxation and ligament functionality and strength is necessary if the joint is to regain full function.

Diagram showing the key parts of the ankle and where they can be put under strain

Diagram showing the key parts of the ankle and where they can be put under strain

In Chinese medicine and acupuncture, these connective tissues around the joint are collectively referred to as Jin. Jin is often translated as sinews a concept that includes  tendons, ligaments, cartilage and the fibrous connective tissue around the joint capsule Read More…

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